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SwissMEA – MEDALP joined venture together with more than 100 years of accumulated experience in hospital management and operation, healthcare recruitment, hospital restructuring and executing new strategies, setting up Centers of Excellence and managing them, developing medical educational programs, setting up air rescue operations, in addition to research and development to create "state-of-the-art" health care facilities.

In the year 2000, the executive team of MEDALP made an important decision regarding a new innovative medical concept. With a private initiative, they founded the first sports clinic with trauma surgery and sports traumatology, which was centrally located in the midst of Tyrol’s popular ski resorts in Austria, adding today to a total of five key Medical Clinics . 

After only a short time, it was clear to the physicians and their team members that the concept with fast, accessible and professional care was highly valued by many patients.  More than 150.000 patients, experienced physicians, and more than 100 staff members all helped to create the new medical concept – one of the most modern sports clinics of the entire Alpine region in Europe. The philosophy subscribes to the “one stop-shop” principle. 

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