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Healthcare is a critical and highly specialised discipline that rare and entrusted organizations can fulfill. SwissMEA is a leading Swiss expert for the total delivery of complex healthcare solutions specially in tertiary care. Our wealth of experience and pool of experts ensure that we deliver state-of-the-art innovative healthcare projects and concepts from A to Z, including managing and operating hospitals, dementia centers, elderly care centers, trauma centers and Centers of Excellence.

Service Line Development


SwissMEA can help you identify financial, medical, market overview, return on investment, marketing and branding, and medical quality level.

Procedures Re-Engineering & Development 


SwissMEA can conduct assessment to the existing medical, clinical and operational guidelines, procedures, 

as well as one-one interviews with key personnel and stakeholders, 360 degrees assessment, personnel profiling that lead to identifying the SWOT of the existing procedures and developing a bespoke action plan. 

Equipment Planning and Procurement

SwissMEA project managers can help in identifying the equipment requirements & client’s needs, and support in procurement of these equipment from leading Med-tech companies from Switzerland and Germany. 

Operations and Marketing Management

SwissMEA can provide senior management team for a defined period of time, enabling the implementation of new strategies to the existing healthcare facility.

Manpower Planning 

SwissMEA do understand the changing nature of the employment market in different parts of the world, thus, our team will spend time with owners and stakeholders of healthcare facility to plan the needed staff over an acceptable and agree on time frame. 

Hospital Feasibility studies

SwissMEA financial and investment team can plan from the conception stage of the project till execution, by identifying the viability of the project. 

Organizational Re-structuring

SwissMEA can assess the current medical, clinical and administrative procedures in place, KPIs, KPAs, talent recruitment and retention, employees’ career developm-

ent, team spirit, and develop an efficient, bespoke structure based on Swiss Quality standards.


Managing and Running Hospitals / Medical Clinics


SwissMEA can manage and run existing and new hospitals and medical clinics through its pool of medical experts and physicians, ensuring highest Swiss Quality standards and competitive advantage. 

Covid-19 Crisis Management


SwissMEA with its strategic partners can support governmental and non governmental agencies to manage and control Covid-19 Crisis through a plug-in intensive care pods. The units could be as fast to mount as a hospital tent, but as safe as an isolation ward, thanks to biocontainment with negative pressure. 

In healthcare, learning on the job is not an option. 

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