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Dr. Peter Messmer had been a faculty speaker at

the 7th MENA International Orthopaedics Congress, September 2021, Dubai, UAE

MENA International Orthopaedics Congress


Dr. Raymond H.Hamden elected as Advisory Board member of Population Health Department of Xavier University, Cincinnati, USA

SwissMEA (Lebanon) member of the Swiss Business Council Lebanon, 2019 


SwissMEA (Switzerland) member of the Health Tech Cluster Switzerland, 2018


TEDxSharjah hosting key speaker Dr. Raymond H.Hamden, 2016


Psychology of Terrorists: Profiling & Counter Action

A new book released by Dr. Raymond H.Hamden, 2018

Balance - 4 - Life: Before Burnout

A new book released by Dr. Raymond H. Hamden, 2016

 Dubai Eye 103.8, hosting Dr. Raymond H. Hamden, 2015


Dr. Raymond H. Hamden, Invited Judge for the Hult Prize by the Clinton Foundation, AUS, 2015


Dubai Eye 103.8, hosting Prof Dr. Peter Messmer, Head of Scientific Committee and Mr. Lucien Ghanem Chairman of 1st MENA Geriatric Summit Dubai, 2014 


Interview with Mr. Lucien Ghanem, Chairman of the 1st MENA Geriatric Summit Dubai, 2014


Prof. Dr. Peter Messmer, Key Speaker at Abu Dhabi International Orthopedic Conference, Abu Dhabi, 2012


TEDxMuscat hosting key speaker Dr. Raymond H.Hamden, 2011


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