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Dr. Raymond H.Hamden
Chief Medical Officer
Behavioral & Population Health

With four decades of practicing psychology in more than 30 nations including the MENA region, Dr. Raymond H.Hamden had been consulting in Clinical & Forensic Psychology [Critical Incident Debriefing and Emergency Planning, Trauma Situation and Identification], as well as Political Psychology on 5 continents and the Middle East.


Dr. Raymond H. Hamden has published in peer reviewed journals, in the areas of clinical, forensic, political psychology, with the working application of diversity and inclusion for all cultures.


Dr. Raymond H. Hamden has also managed more than 20 years one of the leading psychological institute and clinics in the Middle East.

As a member of Infragard, Dr. Raymond H. Hamden continues as a presenter, consultant, and mentor to academia, corporations, and media globally.

Work experience:

  • Life Member in the Association of Psychological Sciences

  • Life Member in the International Society of Political Psychology

  • Life Member in the International Council of Psychologists

  • Life Member in the American Psychological Association

  • Advisory Board Member of the Center for Population Health at Xavier University, Ohio

  • Fellow, American Academy of Forensic Sciences [Psychiatry & Behavioral Sciences Section]

  • Founder & Former GM of Human Relations Institute & Clinics, Dubai, UAE

  • Chair, The Foundation For International Human Relations, Washington DC, USA

  • Chief of Psychology Services at the U.S Soldiers’ & Airmen’s Home in Washington DC, USA

Consultation projects:

Clinical Psychology

  • Balanced-4-Life: Before BurnOut [WestBost Press 2016 August]

  • Domestic Relations: Marriage Map [Alakat (book) to be published 2018]

  • The Practical Side of Psychology: Science and Art [Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Diversity & Inclusion Grand Rounds, 2015 July]

  • European Space Agency (ESA) on the clinical elements of human Psychology of Space Travel.


Forensic Psychology

  • Critical Incident Debriefing, first and second respondents

  • Psychology of Terrorists, Profiling for Criminal Adjudication, 

  • Adoption, Parenting Preparation for Adoption, Clinical & Forensic Evaluation

  • Profiling Employees for Hiring: the HR Selection

  • Political Asylum Assessment and Evaluation


Political Psychology

  • Dysfunctional Nations and the People: Becoming Functional        

  • Dysfunctional Corporations and the People: Becoming Functional


Setting up Behavioral Health Facility

Support for HR Department

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